Leyland AEC ROUTEMASTER autobús de dos pisos

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Marca Leyland
Tipo autobús de dos pisos
Ubicación Estonia Kesklinna
Fecha de publicación jul 11, 2020
Id. de Autoline NN18834
Marca Iveco
Potencia 220 Hp (162 kW)
Combustible diésel
Cajas de cambios
Marca Allison
Estado usados
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A total of 2876 Routemasters were built, 2760 for London Transport.The historic bus whose value is rising year by year. It's easy to find RM and very rarely on sale RML-s ( lenghtened )

The RML is the high capacity version of the Routemaster designed for the major central London routes. The extra capacity was obtained by adding a 2ft 4in

bay in the centre of the body and is instantly recognisable due to the square windows that rather look like an afterthought (which, of course, they were!).

A total of 524 Routemasters RML were built

RMLs 880-903 were the experimental batch (making at moment selling Routemaster more unique RML894) which were subsequently followed by the

main batch of 500 vehicles (2261 to 2760).

The RML was also the ultimate in terms of the bus weight per passenger which, at a mere 240 lbs (compared to the standard RM's 257 lbs), is lighter than most modern buses and endowed it with excellent fuel consumption.

Width 8'
Length 30'
Height 14' 4.5"
Seating 72 (32 Downstairs, 40 Upstairs)
Engine Iveco
Gearbox AEC direct selection/automatic 4 speed with electrical control and air operation
Brakes Continuous flow power hydraulic
Steering Power assisted, sweeping a 69' circle
Weight 7 tons 14 cwt (unladen)
12 tons 6 cwt (laden)
Body All aluminium stressed skin construction
Chassis Two separate steel sub-frames:
Front 'A' frame carrying engine, steering and front suspension
Rear 'B' frame carrying rear axle and rear suspension

2 new powerful battery added last year total 400 eur cost for us.,

Thank You

More info for future:

Route 11 BUS RML894 DRIVE





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