TA-NO Autotransporter TRIO 35.85FT PREMIUM remolque portacoches nuevo

5.180 €
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≈ 5.706 US$
≈ 39.250 BOB
6.371,40 €
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Marca TA-NO
Modelo Autotransporter TRIO 35.85FT PREMIUM
Tipo remolque portacoches
Año de fabricación 2020
Primera matriculación 2020
Capacidad de carga 2510 kg
Peso neto 990 kg
Peso bruto 3500 kg
Ubicación Polonia Kolonia Zawada
Fecha de publicación may 22, 2020
Id. de Autoline EU21116
Chassis acero galvanizado
Ejes 3
Tipo de neumático 10
Estado nuevo
Información adicional: Inglés
A trailer with excellent traction properties. Ready for heavy duty in even the most demanding conditions.
TA-NO Autotransporters is the best choice whenever availability is the key. And if you add our service solutions to this, you are provided with everything you need to deal with the task at hand, under any conditions.
This flexible trailer used for vehicle transport will be a delight to even the most demanding users. Its novel, technical solutions are inspired by sublimed needs of the users. Everything is well-thought, harmonious and ergonomic.
Very stable, welded, V-drawbar
All parts of the frame galvanized, corrosion-resistant
Solid axles with independent suspension
Coupling head with built-in correct coupling indicator
The cargo space
The transporting platform is made of aluminium
Anti-slip surface
Powder-coated side panels
Aluminium loading skids (2,5m.)
Ideally sized
Length (internal): 8500 mm.
Width (internal): 2100 mm.
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